Passion Fruit Curd


Well, yes my darling Jess, SS2014 is indeed full of happy tangy citruses but a certain firey red orange can also be felt in the air which is why I decided to go curd on curd.
Well, that and the fact that I found these bountiful batch of passion fruits at the Lo Wu border crossing on my way to the factory last Monday and then brought them back to Hong Kong with me on Wednesday after 3 days of freakish humid cold weather, mad summer inspired creativity and many colorful decisions.

Whenever I pass by Lo Wu I try to soften the blow of getting on a rather filthy mainland bus for a couple of hours by either eating at Laurel restaurant, a true Chinese food gem that makes it worth crossing the border for or going to check out what the fruit lady has to offer. I know this sounds paradoxical but she often teaches me more about seasonality in the south of China than some of the Hong Kong wet markets. Her stall is tiny and she probably only sources from close by and it’s mainly through her that I find out if passion fruits are in season, if it’s time for mulberries, if persimmons are ripe, if melon is sweet and fragrant, if strawberries are at their finest….

It might be my wild imagination thinking of her harvesting all of these in a little plot on the Shenzhen hills but leave me alone!!…a girl can dream and if that gives me the excuse to show you this most wonderful, gooey, dead-easy recipe, I don’t see anyone complaining, right?

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The lemon curd of life


Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it… A very long while. But, without getting all “dog ate my homework” or anything, we do have very good cause for our silence.

First of all, Paola has been launching her own fashion brand, Tangram, taking Hong Kong and the rest of the planet by storm. No, seriously, you heard it here first, this lady is the next big thing. Check out her swoon-worthy designs at

As for me, well, I have been flipping my whole life upside down. This kitchen nomad is now coming to you from the heart of western France, in the middle of a field surrounded by woods full of deer. I am now a country nomad, with plans of self-suffiency, and you know what that means – fresh homegrown produce to play with in the kitchen!

So, by popular request, to celebrate my return to the land of butter and my reunion with my grandmother’s Le Creuset pans, here is a quick recipe for luscious lemon curd. Not made from my own lemons, but give me a chance.

And that colour… Ouf. Come on Paola, A/W14 has got to be all about those citrus tones!


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